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ArrowDye Sublimation Printing

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WorldQuantum Enterprises is based in the United Kingdom, but we will supply worldwide.

Provided you have a valid, major credit card, we will accept your order from anywhere in the world in any of the main currencies. Don't worry about converting the UK price into your currency, your credit card company will do this when you make your payment.

Payment may be made in the following ways:
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Our Printing Methods

At QE Promotions we specialise in two types opf printing - full colour dye sublimation printing, and precision cut vinyl transfer printing.

Dye Sublimation PrintingPrinter

Dye Sublimation printing allows cost-effective, FULL COLOUR PRINTING on a wide range of products.This means that we can even print photographs!

Special dye sublimation ink is used to print a reverse image on a carrier paper. This transfer is then placed on the product to be printed.Heat Press

To get the ink to transfer on to (and into) the product, heat and pressure are applied. It is important that the correct temperature, amount of pressure and time are used to ensure that the printing process is successful.

During the time that the transfer and ink are heated, the ink vaporises and moves across into the material being printed. Provided that the item being printed is made of the correct material (or has been coated by a dye sublimation ink-receptive substance) the ink will chemically bond with it.

As the ink actually bonds with the substrate, this means that it is extremely durable. Ceramics feel like the design has been applied beneath the glaze and fabrics feel like the image is woven into the cloth itself.

Dye sublimation garments will stand up to many washes, and mugs are dishwasher safe.

Dye sublimation designs are best suited to white or light backgrounds due to method of creating the transfer. We cannot print white ink!

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Vinyl Transfer Printing

Our CAD controlled vinyl cutting equipment allows us to cut vinyl transfers and print garments for extremely low prices.

Although you are limited to 1 or 2 colours with vinyl transfer printing, you are not restricted to polyester garments (we can print on 100% cotton). Vinyl transfers are still extremely resistant to washing.

Vinyl transfers require the waste of the cut image to be manually removed. This means that there is a limit to the amount of detail that can be printed in an image, and the process is best suited to simple logos and text messages. An example of the maximum level of detail we can cut for vinyl transfers is shown below.

ArrowVinyl Printed T-Shirts

Example Logo