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Turn Your Own Handwriting Into A True Type Font

Turn Your Own Handwriting Into A True Type Font
- Your own handwriting on your computer. Now it's time to make it personal!

Handwriting The Inner Secrets Revealed!

Handwriting -The Inner Secrets Revealed
- FREE interactive handwriting analysis on the web! Full handwriting analysis services.

Turn your COMPANY LOGO into a True Type Font

Turn your COMPANY LOGO into a True Type Font - Custom logo font creation for your company, organisation or club. We can make colour fonts too!

Quantum Enterprises Web Design

Quantum Web Design - Are you on the web yet? Quantum Enterprises specialises in entertainment web sites, but also features other commercial sites which have been designed by our Web Design Division. Click here to find out more and view client web sites. We also provide Web Hosting.

The Jigsaw Doctor

The Jigsaw Doctor - No more missing jigsaw puzzle pieces. The Jigsaw Doctor can make your old jigsaw puzzle like new, by replacing lost or damaged jigsaw puzzle pieces with an almost perfect replica!

The Jigsaw Doctor

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles - A range of quality wooden jigsaw puzzles including collections of fine art images and vintage images. We can also add your own photo to make a custom wooden jigsaw puzzle.

The Original Round Tuit

The Original Round Tuit - Don't put it off any longer - get a Round Tuit! Great gifts for all occasions.

Dream Aquarium

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The Genealogy Detective

The Genealogy Detective
Add more leaves to your family tree with a whole range of genealogy services including FREE census lookups, ancestor searches, cemetery searches, family tree enhancement, ancestral home photos, ancestor handwriting analysis and antique photo restoration services!

A Unique Journey of Fractal Exploration

A Unique Journey of Fractal Exploration - Take a journey into a fractal using an imaginary craft. Fractals are beautiful, infinitely repeating images created by mathematics! Posters and wooden jigsaws of these amazing images are available for sale.

Fossil Beach

Fossil Beach - Learn about preserved plants and animals from the age of the Dinosaurs. Buy real fossils at the fossil shop. Find out how fossils were made. Go fossil hunting on the virtual fossil beach in our fossil hunting game.

Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions relate to the web site known as 'QE Promotions' (also referred to as 'the web site' in these terms and conditions) - provided by Quantum Enterprises.


Click here for our general terms and conditions of service. (This will open in a new window and take you to the main Quantum Enterprises website)

The customer confirms that either that they have copyright ownership, or permission to use, any images supplied for custom printed products.

If the customer requires return of original photographs, products to be printed on, or other materials, there will be an additional charge for this service. The customer will be notified of this charge as and when this service is required. Also see below regarding liability of loss of customer property in the mail.

The customer accepts that Quantum Enterprises will not be held liable in any way for loss or damage of customer property in the mail, from either the mailing of original photographs, products, or other materials to Quantum Enterprises, or the mailing of photographs, products, or other materials back to the customer. The customer accepts full responsibility for any losses or damage when mailing their property to Quantum Enterprises, no matter what value (monetary or sentimental) that the item(s) may have.
Quantum Enterprises strongly recommends that the customer uses such a service when sending products or irreplaceable original photographs to Quantum Enterprises.
The following mail services will be used. The maximum compensation that may be claimed against a lost delivery is included. These prices are not necessarily current, and the customer should visit Royal Mail ( to check the current compensation limits:

UK delivery - Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded Signed for

  • Proof of posting

  • Signature on delivery

  • Online confirmation of delivery

  • Up to £34 compensation

International Delivery - Airmail Signed For

  • All items are tracked until they leave the UK – and in some cases on arrival in the destination country

  • Progress of your item can be checked online until it reaches the destination country’s postal service as a registered item.

  • Up to £34 compensation for loss or damage

The customer accepts that Quantum Enterprises will not be held liable in any way for loss or damage of customer property whilst providing the dye sublimation printing service.

The customer accepts full responsibility and liability for any errors in the submitted design. We cannot provide a refund for products that have been produced that are subsequently found to contain en error (e.g. spelling mistake) caused by the customer. We cannot provide a refund for products where the customer deems that the quality of the image is unacceptable, but that this is due to the quality of the image supplied (and goes outside of our guidelines).
If the design is produced by QE Promotions to the customer's specifications, the customer will be provided a proof of the design before printing commences.
In either case, it is strongly recommended that the customer verifies the design (or design proof) before confirming that printing can commence.

QUALITY AND WORKMANSHIP - Durability Of Printed Items
Dye sublimation printing produces how quality results. However, by using our dye sublimation services the customer accepts the following:

  • Whilst we try hard to match the colours on the original artwork or photograph, dye sublimation inks can produce variations in colour from the original. The customer accepts that colours may vary from the original.

  • Dye sublimation printing is extremely durable. However, after the first garment wash, or dishwasher cycle for mugs, there may be a slight loss of the original vibrancy of the colours. This slight fading is generally not noticeable unless the item is compared to an un-washed sample. Subsequent washes will show little, if any, noticeable change.

  • Other items will be equally durable, but deep marks or scratches will damage the design if deeper than the pigment has permeated.

  • If the customer accepts responsibility and liability for any problems with fading or durability of the printing for items that they have provided themselves.

  • Dye sublimation inks are sensitive to strong sunlight and should not be exposed to prolonged sunlight to avoid fading. Continued expose to sunlight will result in accelerated fading of the design.

The products and services supplied on this web site are from:-

Quantum Enterprises,
4 The Old School House,
Lower Sea Lane,
United Kingdom

Tel. +44 (0)845 299 7299

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